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Host 2015: What to expect

Host prides itself as being the world’s leading event in hospitality and foodservice, Michael Jones reports

The vast Host show, held every two years in Milan, Italy, prides itself on being the leading event in hospitality and foodservice. Michael Jones reports on what attendees can expect from Host 2015

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UK waiters protest over tipping policies

As the battle over wages for servers rages on in the US, Pizza Express workers on the other side of the pond have taken up arms against their employers over service charge

As the debate about minimum wage rages in the US, A protest by waiting staff at UK restaurant chain Pizza Express has reignited an ongoing argument about tips and service charges in the UK

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Beyond the bottom line

What can the sector give back to society, and what does it learn from doing so?

Giving back to the community is a two-way street, benefitting businesses as well as the charities they help. Ellie Clayton looks at how the foodservice industry is learning from social enterprise

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Africa Tripartite Free Trade Area: A new frontier of opportunity?

African leaders have just signed a free trade agreement which could put its foodservice sector on the brink of revolution

Africa’s foodservice industry could be on the brink of revolution, says Tom Lawrence

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