Regional analysis and information from the foodservice industry in EAME

Russia changes rules for food trademarks


Amending trademark rights in Russia will open doors for smaller food manufacturers, says research firm Canadean

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Government proposes answer to decline of gastronomie

Steak Tartare

Once regarded as the cornerstone of haute cuisine, the French restaurant world has fallen victim to the attraction of pre-prepared, frozen food. Not content to let its heritage fall away, the French government has come up with a novel way of helping consumers be sure that home-made is truly home-made.

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Mall of the World: 180 million mouths to feed

Mall of the World

On the announcement of plans to construct the largest shopping mall in the world in Dubai, Richard Young sizes up the numbers

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CESABIM goes live

CESA cropped

CESABIM, the central Building Information Modelling (BIM) database for the catering equipment industry, has gone live

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