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The rise of gluten-free

Gluten-free options are all over our high streets. Why have so many operators taken it onto their menus?

From gluten-free cake to gluten-free pizza, recipes, menu options and retail have all woken up to the demand for gluten-free. But at what point did gluten go from being the concern of suffers of Coeliac disease to a lifestyle choice of the rich and famous and why have so many operators taken it to heart.

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SIRHA 2015: Exploring future food trends

SIRHA 2015

To illustrate future trends in foodservice and gastronomy, Sirha 2015 in Lyon, France, will present an entirely new version of its unique Food Studio concept

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CESA: “The future’s bright”

The future 710

CESA members were encouraged to think more positively about the future this month, as delegates descended on the picturesque surroundings of Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire for the organisations annual conference

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Hospitality recruitment: New blood is the industry’s biggest challenge

Why does hospitality find it hard to attract the best young people?

The hospitality industry needs to recruit 600,000 new people by 2020 to support its rapid growth. But, says FCSI UK&I chair Niccola Boyd-Stevenson, making sure it gets the right new blood is one of the sector's biggest challenges

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