Regional analysis and information from the foodservice industry in the Asia Pacific

Trade shows in 2015

What has Asia Pac got in store next year?

Toni Clarke FCSI and Clara Pi FCSI, both from the Asia Pacific Division, look ahead to two key events for the region in 2015

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Saving washoku

Japan's chefs are fighting back against westernisation to keep Japanese cooking alive

Statistics show Japan is rapidly rejecting its culinary traditions in favour of westernised cuisine. But as Maida Pineda discovers, the country’s chefs are fighting back in a bid to keep Japanese cooking alive

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Food safety in China: why it’s not all doom and gloom

How is the industry responding to the seemingly endless Chinese food scandals

The recent slew of bad news stories in the media concerning food quality and safety in China have portrayed an eroding consumer trust towards the foodservice industry and the Chinese government. But there are key companies in China leading the way and addressing the problem, reports Timothy Neesham

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Black Burgers

Burger King's black burgers are certainly eye catching. But what's behind this latest stunt?

For Western consumers it’s an unnerving sight; a glossy black bun with tar-like cheese oozing from the sides, topped with a dash of squid-ink injected garlic sauce. Yet, in Japan, these limited edition burgers have proved a successful marketing stunt

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