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Architecture enthusiasts mourn the loss of the iconic Okura Tokyo Hotel

After 52 years, the iconic Hotel Okura in Tokyo is closing its main building ahead of a $1bn redevelopment

After over 50 years as an icon of mid-century luxury, Tokyo’s Okura Hotel has succumbed to the call of the developers

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Onion prices cause headache for Indian government

The rocketing price of one of India's most crucial commodities could have serious implications for Modri's government

The price of one of India’s key asset classes is rocketing, and it is the government that will feel the pressure

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Viagra found in Chinese alcohol

Fresh food safety concerns as investigators seize 5,000 bottle of alcohol thought to contain viagra

China has been hit by yet another food safety scandal, as more than 5,300 bottles of spirits were seized by investigators

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Dim sum domination

Queues in Sydney for the world's cheapest Michelin starred food

Dim sum master Mak Kwai Pui is on course for global recognition with restaurant Tim Ho Wan, following the brand’s opening in Sydney, the first of its restaurants outside South-East Asia. Elly Earls meets the man behind the world’s least expensive Michelin-starred food

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