Brand USA: Boost for the nation’s first national marketing campaign


National Restaurant Association and other organisations support two new proposals for travel and healthcare legislation, reports Amelia Levin

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Government proposes answer to decline of gastronomie

Steak Tartare

Once regarded as the cornerstone of haute cuisine, the French restaurant world has fallen victim to the attraction of pre-prepared, frozen food. Not content to let its heritage fall away, the French government has come up with a novel way of helping consumers be sure that home-made is truly home-made.

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The way the cupcake crumbles

Amid increasing questioning about the decline of the cupcake, it was announced that beleaguered bakery Crumbs has found a buyer. But is there any life left in the store's model?

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Raise your glasses: Canadian wine lists top the table

Four Canadian restaurants have received the highest accolade possible in The World of Fine Wine’s inaugural ‘World’s Best Wine Lists 2014.

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