Architecture enthusiasts mourn the loss of the iconic Okura Tokyo Hotel

After 52 years, the iconic Hotel Okura in Tokyo is closing its main building ahead of a $1bn redevelopment

After over 50 years as an icon of mid-century luxury, Tokyo’s Okura Hotel has succumbed to the call of the developers

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Restaurant minimum wage debate: tips are not wages

Saru Jayaraman, co-founder of the Restaurant Opportunities Centre on why the two-tiered wage system needs reform

As the minimum wage debate rages on, we hear from one of the movement's most ardent advocates. Saru Jarayaman is the co-founder and co-director of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United (ROC United). He argues that the two-tiered wage system is "deeply disfunctional"

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Minimum wage debate: Do millenials have it that bad?

The minimum wage debate has inspired strong feeling across the sector. Here Bill Main asks whether "millenials" really do have it that bad

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Onion prices cause headache for Indian government

The price of one of India’s key asset classes is rocketing, and it is the government that will feel the pressure

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